Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Large Charter Comm (CHTR) Holder Paul Allen Amends Purpose of Transaction Section of 13D

In an amended 13D filing on Charter Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHTR), 51.7% holder Paul Allen disclosed an amendment of Item 4 "Purpose of Transaction" in his 13D filing. The amendment suggests Allen may pursue or propose a recapitalization or other possible restructuring transactions designed to reduce the company's leverage or a going private transaction.

From the filing:

"Prior to the effectiveness of the Issuer’s initial public offering, Mr. Allen acquired control of CII and caused CII to form the Issuer for the purpose of effecting the public offering. Subsequent to that time, the Reporting Persons have directly or indirectly acquired beneficial ownership of securities of the Issuer and its subsidiaries from time to time for purposes of investment, and to provide financing to the Issuer. The Reporting Persons will continue to review the performance of their investments in the Issuer and its affiliates and to consider or explore alternatives with respect thereto. Mr. Allen, through direct ownership of the Issuer’s securities, through membership interests of Charter Holdco owned by Vulcan or CCI, or otherwise, may from time to time acquire or dispose of beneficial ownership of additional securities of the Issuer or its affiliates in open market transactions, private transactions or transactions with the Issuer or it affiliates, pursue or propose recapitalization or other possible restructuring transactions designed to reduce the Issuer’s leverage (which could include, without limitation, exchanges designed to reduce the Issuer’s leverage including debt to equity exchanges), going private transactions resulting in Mr. Allen acquiring beneficial ownership of all or substantially all of the common stock of the Issuer or other extraordinary corporate transactions, such as mergers or reorganization or sales of material assets, with regard to the Issuer or its affiliates. Any alternatives that the Reporting Persons may pursue could depend upon a variety of factors, including, without limitation, current and anticipated future trading prices for the Issuer’s securities, the financial condition, results of operations and prospects of the Issuer, and general economic, financial market and industry conditions."

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