Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whitworth's Relational Investors Shows Capital One (NYSE: COF) Stake, Also Raises Sprint (S) Stake Among Others

Ralph Whitworth's Relational Investors hedge fund disclosed its latest 13F for the quarter ended September 30, 2007 last night. More notable was Whitworth's amended 13F for the quarter ended June 30, also released last night.

In the 06/30 amended 13F, Whitworth's firm disclosed that they held a 4.8 million shares stake in Capital One (NYSE: COF) at the end of the quarter. The firm first reported the stake yesterday because they had confidential treatment, which allowed them to keep the stake secret. The confidential treatment expired. Warren Buffett is another filer that often uses confidential treatment.
The latest 13F showed that Whitworth's firm raised the Capital One stake to 6,766,187 shares at the quarter ended September 30, 2007.
Whitworth raised his stake in Baxter International (NYSE: BAX) from 31,595,614 shares to 32,457,579 shares. He also raised his stakes in Unum Group (NYSE: UNM) from 31,177,709 shares to 35,718,918 shares and Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) from 32,029,827 shares to 51,251,644 shares.
Whitworth lowered his stake in Prudential Financial (NYSE: PRU) from 14,741,006 shares to 10,973,117 shares. He also lowered his stake in Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) from 5,105,462 shares to 2,955,462 shares.
Whitworth maintained stakes in National Semiconductor (NYSE: NSM), Sovereign Bancorp (NYSE: SOV), Home Depot (NYSE: HD).

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