Friday, July 20, 2007

Update and New Site is Set to Launch

Pretty slow on the 13D front this week. I'm sure next week will make up for it. Also, 13F season is coming up in the middle of August. We will be taking a close look at Buffett's, Carl Icahn's, ThirdPoint LLC's, SAC Capital's, JANA, and MMI's among others.

Anyway,'s latest project will be launching next week. I want to give readers an early heads up so you can try it out. The new site is and will basically be an easy way to get real-time alerts on your stocks.

The alerts will come via e-mail, but you can also turn the e-mail off and get the alerts in RSS.

You can track 15 stocks for free and an unlimited number for $19.99 a month.

There are 4 category levels for each stock you want to track:

1. Street Insider reports. These are reports from our main site. They will cover things like earnings reports (major ones), upgrade/downgrades/new coverage, significant corporate news, significant analyst comments, rumors and equity offerings, among others things.

2. Press Releases: This section covers press releases from the major wires

3. SEC filings: 10Q, 10K, 8K, Form 4s and even 13Gs and 13Ds

4. Blogs: This section covers news on your stocks from some of the top financial blogs.

There are many ways on the Internet and other platforms to get news on your stocks, but we think this will be the most comprehensive, fastest and easiest to use. Plus its FREE!

The site is considered a beta version and we will be making many tweaks so please send your feedback to



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