Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chapman Demands Independent Audit of eSpeed (ESPD) - Cantor Fitzgerald Agreement

Large eSpeed, Inc. (Nasdaq: ESPD) holder, Chapman Capital LLC, demanded that the company's Board of Directors retain an independent auditor, distinct from eSpeed/BGC Partners/Cantor Fitzgerald's shared financial auditor Deloitte & Touche LLP, to review the Joint Services Agreement between eSpeed and Cantor Fitzgerald-related entities.

Chapman Capital said the goal of the audit would be to confirm or invalidate the related parties' claims that the Joint Services Agreement were negotiated and have been executed in an arms-length fashion.
Commenting on a recent patent ruling, Robert L. Chapman, Jr., Managing Member of Chapman Capital, siad, "This ruling fortifies Chapman Capital's apprehension that eSpeed itself may continue to incur significant licensing and other expenses, or may relinquish significant market data and other revenues, unnecessarily or improperly for the benefit of Cantor Fitzgerald."

Chapman Capital also reiterated its demand that the value of eSpeed's Class A shares be maximized via conversion of all Class B common shares into Class A common stock, followed by the full scale auction of the Company.

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