Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Note to Management: Don't Swear At Robert Chapman

Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed blog notes some choice comments made to Robert Chapman as disclosed in his hedge fund's amended 13D filing on Embarcadero Technologies (Nasdaq: EMBT), a company he is pushing to be sold. We noted the original 13D filing here.

The comment that is making all the commotion today is "Fuck You" - made by Embarcadero's CFO Michael Shahbazian to Chapman.
Here is what Chapman disclosed in the amended filing, "Furthermore, in response to certain comments made by Mr. Shahbazian during a conversation later that day, Mr. Chapman conveyed to Mr. Shahbazian Chapman Capital’s concern that, according to background checks directed by Chapman Capital, Mr. Shahbazian had been viewed negatively by various shareholders of Niku Corporation, ANDA Networks, Inc. and Walker Interactive, all of which in the past had employed Mr. Shahbazian in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Shahbazian reacted temperamentally to Mr. Chapman with the eloquent response, “Fuck you!” Mr. Chapman then forcefully informed Mr. Shahbazian that it was inappropriate and inadvisable for the Chief Financial Officer of a public company to utter such blasphemy to the advisor of a 9.3% ownership stakeholder in the Issuer."
Chapman has really stepped up his activity lately and is making headlines again. Here are some other posts on Chapman.

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How do you find the letters attached to 13-D filings?

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