Thursday, February 05, 2009

Big Billy Gates Loves Trash (RSG)

Recent filings showed Microsoft founder Bill Gates, through his Cascade Investment fund, has been aggressively building his stake in waste management company Republic Services Inc. (NYSE: RSG).

A recent Form 4 filing showed Gates bought another 500,000 shares on 2/2 which brings his stake to 44,894,569 shares. Gates has bought over 10 million shares of Republic Services since September 30, 2008.

One service you can't cutback on is waste removal.

Billy may finally have a winner here.

Track Bill Gates news here - or - Cascade Investment news here.

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Anonymous CFD Trader said...

Nice, good old Bill probably is on to a winner there. Fair play to him, but I was under the impression the big man was out of the money game for good, he swung to the enviroment side of things, guess that was just concerning microsoft though eh. The mans keeping his mini portfolio alive and kicking. It will be intersting to keep any eye on it i think, backing bill cant be bad right.

12:51 AM  
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Anonymous Affacturage said...

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Anonymous Affacturage said...

Ask any Joe on the street (or, apparently, on the major news networks) what the primary cause of the current recession is. The main culprit, they say, is American greed both by producers and consumers.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Affacturage said...

It is suggested that the recession could continue for years - like the Great Depression or "the lost decade" in Japan - because the remedies being used (e.g., near zero interest rates, massive deficit spending, and bail outs for collapsing firms) will perpetuate the underlying problems instead of solving them. Time will tell, but I am inclined to agree that there could be another dip in 2010.

4:23 AM  
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Anonymous sfgirl said...

Good that Bill Gates is concerned about the environment.

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