Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DG FastChannel (DGIT) Discloses 13.2% Stake in Viewpoint (VWPT)

In a 13D filing after the close on Viewpoint Corp. (Nasdaq: VWPT), DG FastChannel (Nasdaq: DGIT) disclosed a 13.2% stake (10,750,000 shares) in the company.

In addition, DG FastChannel holds warrants to purchase 2,687,500 Shares at $0.45 per share beginning on November 11, 2007.

DG FastChannel announced the equity investment and partnership with Viewpoint earlier in the month.

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Blogger James said...

Do you know what happen when a company like Viewpoint get delisted on May 29?

What could happen in this case?

2:17 AM  

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