Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mellon HBV Alternative Strategies Amends 13Ds Following Buyout/Name Change; Raises ASMI Stake, Lowers CALC

Mellon HBV Alternative Strategies amended some 13D filings after changing its name to Fursa Alternative Strategies pursuant to the sale to Mickey Harley, its CEO. The unit was sold following parent Mellon Financial's (NYSE: MEL) agreement to be acquired by Bank of New York (NYSE: BK)

The firm raised its stake in ASM International NV (Nasdaq: ASMI) from to 4.47 million shares (8.3%) from 4.27 million shares (8%).

The firm lowerd its stake in California Coastal Communities Inc. (Nasdaq: CALC) to 915K shares (8.4%) from 1 million shares (9.9%).

No change to the firm's 1.33 million share stake (12%) in Integral Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ISYS)

No change to the firm's 349.9 million share stake (36.5%) in CarsUnlimited.com Inc. (OTCBB: CAUL)

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