Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hall Phoenix/Inwood Raises Stake in RadioShack (RSH) to 6%

In an amended 13D filing late Monday on RadioShack Corporation (NYSE: RSH), Hall Phoenix/Inwood disclosed a 6% stake (8.2 million shares) in the Company. This is up from the 5.6% stake (7.6 million shares) the firm disclosed in a past filing. The group purchased 587,000 shares in the open market from 07/20-08/09 at prices from $15.38-$16.89.

Hall Phoenix/Inwood, Ltd. is a Texas limited partnership that invests in public and private investment opportunities.

From the 'Purpose of Transaction' section of the filing (unchanged from past filing):

"The Reporting Persons intend to review their investment in the Issuer on a continuing basis and representatives of the Reporting Persons may from time to time engage in discussions with management, the Board of Directors, other shareholders of the Issuer and other relevant parties concerning the business, operations, board composition, management, strategic direction, corporate governance, strategy and future plans of the Issuer (initially, the Reporting Persons view favorably the Issuer’s appointment of Julian Day as Chairman and CEO). Depending on various factors, including, without limitation, the Issuer’s financial position and strategic direction, the outcome of the discussions and actions referenced above, actions taken by the Board of Directors, price levels of the Shares, conditions in the securities market and general economic and industry conditions, the Reporting Persons may in the future take such actions with respect to their investment in the Issuer as they deem appropriate, including, without limitation, purchasing additional Shares, selling some or all of their Shares or similar transactions with respect to the Shares, seeking representation on the Issuer’s Board of Directors, seeking otherwise to influence the management of the Issuer and/or otherwise changing their intention with respect to any and all matters referred to in Item 4 of Schedule 13D."


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